Online slots games developers are constantly striving to create new, exciting content in order to keep players entertained. This is because this industry is such a competitive one. Players are often searching for something new in terms of the themes and bonuses on offer from online casino games. Amaya, a leading online casino games developer, is well aware of this, which is why they constantly bring out new games that are drenched in innovation.

One such game is Fortunes of the Amazons HTML5 new. This game sees players needing to battle it out with female warriors in order to secure their fortunes and along the way, encounter a number of different bonus games.

Easy Ways to Increase Winnings

Fortunes of the Amazons HTML5 new slots game has plenty of ways in which players can increase their winnings. For example, along their Amazonian adventure, players can be awarded up to 250 coins simply for spotting discarded golden breastplates. Furthermore, should players discover arrows with which to protect themselves from the warriors, they can be awarded up to 375 coins.

For players who enjoy a little bit more risk for the chance to secure a bigger payout, spotting the gold and jewels dotted around the game could earn you an additional 750 coins. However, it is important to note that the warriors are guarding this treasure quite intently, and as a result, may put up quite a fight when you try to take it away from them.

Three More Bonus Games on Offer

One of the biggest selling points that come alone with Fortunes of the Amazons HTML5 new is the number of bonus features and games available. With no less than three features, it certainly does not disappoint when it comes to ways in which these games can help players increase their winnings. Firstly, there is the Amazon’s Fire bonus. This bonus acts as a trigger to the other two. It can present itself at any point after any spin and will result in the player receiving one free spin.

The second bonus feature is one that players are sure to delight in. Essentially, what it does is grant players up to five free spins. All that player needs to do in order to achieve this is for them to land three symbols of the Amazonian warriors on horseback rides. These symbols will only appear on the second, third and fourth reels but will initiate more wild symbols as they appear.

The third and final bonus feature is that of the Luna Bonus Wheel. This wheel comprises of two smaller wheels. One of these wheels will award a multiplier, while the other will award a prize such as a few free spins. In order to trigger this feature, player’s first need to spin three of the bonus wheel icons across the first, third and fifth reels.

Fortunes of the Amazons HTML5 new has a structure that is simple to understand like online eSports betting interface, thus making it ideal for players of every level of experience to enjoy.

Fortunes of The Amazons HTML5 New Slot Bonuses in Detail

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