In recent years the game of bingo has undergone a facelift and by going online it has been completely reinvented. Previously a game that was played by little old ladies in church halls, bingo is now slick, fast-paced and stylish, and all across Canada and the rest of the globe players flock to sites offering this exciting game. A new generation of bingo player has been born and whilst the online version of the game stays true to the original form, it’s been adapted and enhanced to offer an even more immersive experience.

Online bingo made its debut in roughly 2006 and has grown in popularity with every passing year. Unlike the game played in a real live bingo hall, the online version makes use of a random number generator, so the outcome is still based on luck. However players can participate in multiple games at once, play more than one card or automate their game play to increase their winning chances and reduce their time spent trying.

A Social Online Gaming Experience

Bingo has always had a very social element to it and this was one area that needed to carry over online in order to ensure the game enjoyed the same amount of success and retained its core principles. Bingo chat rooms solved this problem and a chat master is in charge of keeping the conversation going and stirring up participation. This chat room offer players the chance to meet and interact with like-minded bingo fans, spurs on the creation of friendships and fosters the community spirit that bingo has always been associated with. Side games are also regularly on offer in these chat rooms and there’s a whole other language that can be learnt in order to communicate with other, experienced bingo players.

Selection of Bingo Games

There are essentially 4 main types of bingo that are the most common variants of the game, with 75, 80 and 90 ball games being very popular, as well as mini bingo which features 30 balls. A bingo site will display its bingo schedule and tell you what types of games are on offer and you can pick and choose the options that best suit you. In an effort to make bingo online even more appealing many of the games are themed and the graphics and animations are simply superb.

Some games are even based on popular slots created by the same casino software developers and players will pick their lucky numbers on a card that feature familiar faces or characters. Game play is fast and furious and you don’t need to worry about keeping track of your picks as they will be automatically crossed off as the numbers are called.

Bingo is a game of chance and there’s little that you can do to influence the outcome of the numbers called. This is partly what makes it so exciting and why so many players love picking what they consider to be their lucky numbers and seeing if they achieve winning results. Some players may develop a system that helps them pick their numbers and others may just choose at random, but in the same way that you’d play the lottery, it can be great fun trying to predict a winning combination.

No matter what your budget there’s sure to be a game of bingo that will suit you like internet cricket betting and by joining millions of others of players online you too can become part of a thriving bingo community that continues to grow all the time.

Playing Bingo Online with our Simple and Clear Guide
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